Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions represent some of the most significant investments that individuals and businesses can make.  Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an owner of a multi-million dollar business, the participation of an experienced real estate attorney can greatly reduce the likelihood of problems in your residential or commercial real estate transaction.

What many buyers and sellers do not know is that a real estate attorney can represent their interests in most real estate transactions.  A real estate attorney can provide guidance to clients on complex issues outside of the scope of expertise of a real estate broker.  Working with a real estate attorney also gives the client the flexibility of tailored documents to meet the specific needs of the client and the transaction.  With standard real estate commissions at 6% of the sales price, the services provided by a real estate attorney can often be performed at significant savings to the client.

Some of the other services Curnalia Law, LLC provides include:

     - Drafting or review of purchase and sales agreements
     - Supervising the real estate closing transaction
     - Drafting or review of commercial or residential construction contracts
     - Drafting or review of commercial or residential lease agreements
     - Evaluating title, clearing title, transferring title and resolving title disputes
     - Due diligence for companies considering the purchase or sale of a property that may have environmental concerns