Business Entity Formation

When you form a business or seek to form an entity for asset protection, advice from an experienced attorney can be invaluable.  As with many things in life, a solid foundation is the secret of success, and your choice of a business entity will lay down the foundation for your success.

An experienced business formation attorney can help you understand the benefits and limitations of your entity choices, as well as provide advice based on experience about how to best accomplish your goals.  At Curnalia Law, LLC, we can discuss the practical and tax implications of each entity to help you determine which entity best suits your business goals.  After formation, we can assist in helping your business stay compliant with state and federal requirements. 

We have extensive experience and knowledge concerning a wide range of business formation and choice of entity issues, including information and advice on:
     - Corporations
     - Partnerships
     - Limited liability companies (LLC)
     - Limited liability partnerships (LLP)
     - Professional corporations (PC)
     - Sole proprietorships

Many people do not know that certain actions must be taken to formally dissolve a business.  Corporate identity theft is a growing problem and thieves often look for delinquent entities that are no longer in business, but have not been formally dissolved.  If and when the time comes to dissolve the business entity, we can make sure that all necessary documents are filed to mitigate or eliminate any future personal liability.